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Rebecca Sower Art

I believe art should sing a song, tell a story.  Each painting I begin is a new adventure and experiment for me.  My work begins in a very personal way, where I scribble down my thoughts and feelings onto the canvas, my wishes and blessings for the potential collector.  From there, things build up layer by layer, a long but rewarding process.  I hope my art compels the viewer to pause and stare a bit, to find secrets and surprises in the layers there.  


I am a mixed media artist born in Nashville, but recently located near the Tennessee River in north Alabama.  Artistically, I am fascinated by many things…a tree’s meandering branches, the expressions of a human face, the negative spaces around the wading birds.  I’m a bit in awe of interesting lines, shapes and layers.  Those are the lenses through which I see the world.  And so my art is simply a pulling together of these lines, shapes and layers.

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